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Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms allows you child to travel underground and back in time, taking your child into the Cabinet War Room, which first became operational on 27th August 1939 and were used extensively throughout the Blitz. This is an Experience for all ages and all interests; the Churchill War Rooms really brings to life a truly dramatic period in Britain’s history.

Our history mentor will introduce your child to all the events preceding the Battle of Britain - the rise of Nazism, appeasement, Blitzkrieg and, finally, the Blitz. This will give your child the context to get excited about visiting the occasional centre of war operations for Britain during this turbulent time.

A Clarendon Inspires mentor will arrive at the pick up address to give your children an Inspire session and drop your children off at the drop off address, where they will also give a Build session. Clarendon Inspires believes that it is important to invigorate the body, as well as the mind, so each Experience includes some activity time in the park (weather permitting).



  • One-to-one – £25/hour
  • Groups of 2 – £26/hour
  • Groups of 3 – £33/hour
  • Groups of 4 – £40/hour
  • Groups of 5 – £45/hour
  • Tickets, travel and lunch not included
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