For all the time your children spend with their faces glued to their phones, wouldn’t it be great if they were able to be creative and productive on these items of their obsession. This Experience will teach your children the basics of storytelling, how to harness ideas and the fundamentals of scriptwriting. After this, your child will then go out and film their own 5-10 minute short film. Then they will return home and edit their film. In one day and one Clarendon Inspires Experience your child will have become a writer, director and producer. We hope that when they accept their Oscar, they thank their parents (and Clarendon Inspires).

A Clarendon Inspires mentor will arrive at the pick up address to give your children an Inspire session and drop your children off at the drop off address, where they will also give a Build session. Clarendon Inspires believes that it is important to invigorate the body, as well as the mind, so each Experience includes some activity time in the park (weather permitting).



  • £50/hour
  • Minimum 3 hours
  • Tickets, travel and lunch not included
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