Bank of England Museum & Canary Wharf

Making the World Go Round

This Experience brings money to life.

Your child will learn how companies and individuals are responsible for keeping the economy of a nation healthy. Seemingly incomprehensible terms like inflation, liquidity and economics will be presented and explained simply for children of all ages to understand. Students will hold a gold bar in their own hands and study in depth the fascinating features printed on banknotes to prevent fraud. How is it that modern banknotes, which cost just a few pence to make have a face value of 5, 10, 20 and 50 pounds? Can a country ever run out of money completely?

Having absorbed the functions of the Bank of England, your child will take a short trip on the Docklands Light Railway to Canary Wharf, moving beyond the old city wall to marvel at the 50 story high skyscrapers. They will be introduced to the modernisation and digitalisation of money. This contrast between old and new will give your child a powerful first-hand experience of London as a global financial centre. Starting from the beginning of the day, mentor and students will ‘invest’ in a £50 virtual portfolio; whoever’s portfolio has appreciated the most during the day will be the winner!

A Clarendon Inspires mentor will arrive at the pick up address to give your children an Inspire session and drop your children off at the drop off address, where they will also give a Build session. Clarendon Inspires believes that it is important to invigorate the body, as well as the mind, so each Experience includes some activity time in the park (weather permitting).



  • Bank of England Museum, London
  • Canary Wharf, London


  • Full day: 10:00-17:00
  • Half-day: 10:00-13.30 or 14:00-17.30


Half Day / Full Day

  • One-to-one – £94.50 / £154
  • Groups of 2 – £112 / £168
  • Groups of 3 – £147 / £210
  • Groups of 4 – £168 / £224
  • Groups of 5 – £175 / £245
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