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Windsor Castle

Originally built by William the Conqueror, Windsor Castle is a stunning example of a royal residence, still inhabited by Queen Elizabeth. Since the 11th century, this castle has been used for various purposes: defence, leisure, refuge, marriage, diplomacy, a prison and much more. Your child will be stuck by the scale, luxury and grandeur of this building, allowing them to comprehend the manner in which the English royals once ruled. St George’s Chapel, set within the castle, is also the burial place of Henry VIII and other kings and queens.

Windsor Great Park provides the perfect setting for everyone to enjoy some fresh air and games while admiring the castle from the view of the Long Walk.

A Clarendon Inspires mentor will arrive at the pick up address to give your children an Inspire session and drop your children off at the drop off address, where they will also give a Build session. Clarendon Inspires believes that it is important to invigorate the body, as well as the mind, so each Experience includes some activity time in the park (weather permitting).


My motivation for engaging Clarendon was to ensure the boys had the support to ensure confident progression in the core curriculum, but also to stimulate a lifelong love of learning which exam-based tutoring may not achieve. I believe the programme you designed achieved this in spades.
Kerry Hugh-Jones


  • One-to-one – £25/hour
  • Groups of 2 – £26/hour
  • Groups of 3 – £33/hour
  • Groups of 4 – £40/hour
  • Groups of 5 – £45/hour
  • Tickets, travel and lunch not included
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