Our story


Henry Serocold and Orlando Simon started Clarendon Inspires to engage London’s schoolchildren with the world around them, to get them away from their screens for a day and inject them with a sense of curiosity. Henry and Orlando have run Clarendon Tutors since 2015. Clarendon Tutors has achieved enormous success in getting children into the best schools and universities, but Henry and Orlando feel that there is more to education than a constant barrage of exams.

A child’s education should inspire a curiosity for the world around them and drive to acquire the knowledge that will allow them to tackle the problems of tomorrow. London boasts a wealth of the world’s finest museums, galleries, exhibitions and landmarks; there is not a topic or field that cannot be explored in London. On top of this, there are a host of inspiring young people who can accompany your children to these museums. It would be a great shame if these museums went unexplored and the only contact your child had with these inspiring young people was being drilled for endless exams.

Your children will not be faced with the employment market of today; their challenges will be new and unforeseen. Clarendon Inspires will give your child the curiosity, mental agility and drive to tackle whatever difficulties their world will throw at them.

Clarendon Inspires

Michelin House,
81 Fulham Road,