Inspiring Educational Experiences

Fun filled days for children aged 6 to 16, exercising minds and bodies

“Being there with Amory, Felix and Matthew; witnessing their enthusiasm and appreciation for such a day has only re-inforced my belief that if children can be inspired by the people they meet and places they see, ‘learning’ is no longer hard work.”

Kerry Hugh-Jones

“The boys came back full of enthusiasm for their new found knowledge, and I enjoyed a few hours of child-free bliss. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Kate Freud, Editor of Little London

“We think Clarendon Inspires is a great concept, sparking the curiosity of children and getting them away from their screens.”

Angels & Urchins

How a full day works




Our mentors come to your home to get your children interested and excited about their upcoming Experience.




Your child enjoys a full day out with a mentor, which will include the Experience itself, lunch out and games in the park.




The mentor will take your child home where they will reinforce what they’ve learnt from the Experience.

Our Experiences